About Us

Established in 1995, our firm specializes in fundraising consulting for Israeli non-profit organizations. We are the largest fundraising consulting firm in the country and work with dozens of non-profits in the realms of education, human services,  healthcare, art, culture, animal welfare and more, helping them to identify grant opportunities, navigate the fundraising landscape and make a bigger impact.

Working closely alongside organizations, our comprehensive services include provision of valuable information and insight on foundations in Israel and abroad, recommendations on leveraging fundraising from private donors, businesses, corporations and government ministries, and strategic planning to diversify all  strategic aspects of fundraising.

Services also include assistance with board leadership development and fundraising event planning. In order to help organizations meet their fundraising goals, our wrap-around support also includes grant writing and preparation of all communication materials pertaining to fundraising.  We are also diligently working to help non-profits recover and respond to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic by informing them of valuable grant seeking sources  that could be applicable for them.

 We charge a monthly retainer for our services.

Our fundraising plan involves a thorough study of the organization’s activity and previous fundraising efforts. Once a month, we hold a consultation meeting in which we provide tailored information on foundations as well as strategies for enhancing resource development. During this meeting we also review performance against previous fundraising leads and assignments. In addition to this, we are available at all times for counseling and brainstorming.

More specifically, our range of strategic consulting services involves: 

  • Creating a professionalized fundraising culture in the organization
  • Identifying foundations in Israel and abroad whose focus areas align with the organization and providing detailed information about them
  • Guidance on approaching foundations/potential donors
  • Integrating/Enhancing the organization’s corporate philanthropy 
  • Guidance on building relationships with potential donors and tools for donor engagement and stewardship 
  • Crafting persuasive letters of inquiry and full grant proposals to private foundations, corporate grant-makers and government ministries/institutions
  • Assistance in writing reports on use of grant funds
  • Assistance in applying to government institutions for funding (e.g. the National Insurance Institute, JDC, Jewish Agency)
  • Helping to design projects that meet foundations’ focus areas
  • Devising a non-profit digital strategy
  • Composing promotional materials, project cards and website content 
  • Assisting with the planning and production of fundraising events 
  • Assistance in establishing a ‘friends of’ association
  • Writing newsletters and fundraising email appeals 
  • Assistance in developing telemarketing campaigns run directly by the organization or an external agency
  • Introducing software for efficient fundraising management  

Itzik Platek

A native Israeli, Itzik’s extensive experience in non-profit fundraising dates back to 1988. He served as the Executive Director and Resource Development Manager of one of the country’s largest educational enterprises.

Itzik holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the Tel Aviv University. He taught at a boarding high school and at the Oranim College of Education. He has been a fundraising consultant as of 1995.

Stacy Shaham

Born in Chicago, Stacy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from  DePaul University and a Master’s Degree in Human Services Administration and Jewish Community Service from the Spertus Institute. Stacy began her career in fundraising in the U.S. and has practiced in Israel since she made aliya in 1994. She has worked in the fundraising field in Israel as a grant writer/fundraiser  since 1995 and became a consultant in 1998.

We are the largest firm in the country that regularly works with non-profit organizations in the fields of education, welfare, health, art, culture and more.