Why Platek and Shaham Fundraising Consultants Stand Out

With 25 years of experience and a solid track record in working with non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes, Platek and Shaham Fundraising Consultants provide expert counsel and access to a highly skilled team of grant writers that craft persuasive proposals and competitive applications. Our team of seasoned professionals become an essential player for your non-profit team bringing to the table a wealth of knowledge and invaluable insights to streamline your fundraising efforts.

Instead of outsourcing your fundraising services, Platek and Shaham Fundraising Consultants work with your non-profit fundraising team to create an optimized fundraising strategy and build a strong fundraising framework in-house. We take the time to learn about your non-profit organization and fundraising goals and provide valuable information and expert fundraising coaching. The strategies you’ll learn and skills you’ll develop, along with our ideas will benefit your fundraising capacity in the present and in the long run.

We don’t believe in a “once size fits all” approach. Our recommendations are personalized for each nonprofit.  We locate the best fundraising opportunities from foundations in Israel and abroad, corporate grant makers and private donors and guide you in pursuing the right funders at the right times.

Instead of appealing to philanthropic foundations that are well-known and whose application rounds are highly competitive, we bring creativity and sophistication by gathering data on the ever-changing fundraising landscape and the giving patterns of donors. We conduct in-depth research to unearth new foundations and emerging donors and the best ways to appeal to them. By aligning with their aims and appealing to their preferences, we increase the potential for responsiveness.

We offer affordable services with nonprofit fundraising success in mind.